about us and mission

What We Do

Happy Teacher Revolution is a Baltimore-born, international movement with the mission to support the mental health and wellness of teachers. We train Revolutionaries around the world to initiate Happy Teacher Revolution support group meetings in their own communities.

Our Vision

Our vision is for teachers to feel empowered to claim happiness as their own. We believe that teachers should not feel obligated to sacrifice their wholeness
or well-being in order to perform well

How It Works

We train Revolutionaries through both online and in-person professional development programming. Our online training offers the most affordable option for individuals to become certified as official Happy Teacher Revolutionaries and thus be able to offer Happy Teacher Revolution meetings in their own community. We also offer hybrid online and in-person professional development support for sites to initiate Happy Teacher Revolution meetings as a resource for educators to support their mental health and wellness.

We aim to build mentally healthy teachers who can subsequently
build emotionally healthy students


Latest News

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