The Demand

This session was INCREDIBLY POWERFUL!!! This should be offered EVERY MONTH. Many of us are hurting and we don’t know why, and we don’t know whether it will ever end. The facilitator did an outstanding job of setting up the purpose for the meeting. There were many tears and people getting choked up because of the pain we are feeling. I am very encouraged that this session occurred. More sessions about health and wellness are needed.

Happy Teacher Revolution, 2015

This session was extremely helpful to me as a first year teacher, and I felt that it should be an option every month so that some can revisit the space, and so that others have the option of joining it. All too often, new teachers are told to take time for themselves, to remember to separate work and home and to stay mentally healthy, but this can be almost impossible without a support system. This session was that support system for myself and many others in the space. I truly believe in the premise that happy educators will create happy children, and having access to this space has greatly impacted my thoughts around my own personal struggles as well as the idea that I am not alone in this struggle. I would love to see this session come back, because I know many corps members that have not yet gotten the opportunity to attend who would greatly benefit.

Happy Teacher Revolution, 2016

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