Sponsor a Revolutionary: The Happy Teacher Revolution Sponsorship Program

If you're interested in purchasing a Happy Teacher Revolution certification training for an individual teacher who has applied for our scholarship, please consider sponsoring a teacher in honor of an educator who has made an impact in your life! Please consider contributing to Happy Teacher Revolution to support the mental health and wellness of teachers by purchasing a one-time $300 membership for an educator who is interested in initiating HTR meetings in their local communities.

Just click the PayPal button below to check out and register and dedicate membership to an educator. If you have issues or questions please emails us at:  danna@happyteacherrevolution.com



  1. We'll send you an activation/registration link once you register. Do not click on this link twice or more. It'll expire if you do so.
  2. If you're getting a message that your activation/registration link has expired please click here to set a password because your account is active.



-Happy Teacher Revolution Sponsorship Program